Posted on Thursday, 27 March

oval acts

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Posted on Thursday, 10 October


“A cigarette is the perfect type of a perfect pleasure. It is exquisite, and it leaves one unsatisfied. What more can one want?” ― Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

ive yet to completely remove this habit. this is not a complaint.

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Posted on Thursday, 10 October

oh.. mi cor..hardon

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Posted on Thursday, 12 September

Phil Kieran - Ghetto Face Space Place (Richie G Remix) 

dull. not carefully thought out. wheres the feeling. stupid buildup. the end lacks so hard. the furthest thing from an artist. just another wannabe jerk searching to be in the top 40s. I hate you.






brilliance baby.

Posted on Saturday, 22 June


Let’s go swimming in our lingerie.  Let’s make irresponsible choices all over each other.

nothing better then this.
a womans neck is up there as well.

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right on

Posted on Thursday, 13 June

right on

Posted on Saturday, 1 June

I’d like myself in 20 years to be those hands.
a nurturing father for all things.

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Posted on Monday, 13 February

What a f’n jamm. 2012 will be epic. Music communicates much more clearly then our mouths ever will

Posted on Wednesday, 23 November

Nothing ever is enough, or is it? nothing should have an end. nothing does.   I saw you stop in a distance. & you observed the whole world from there without knowing what step to take next. No worries, I never know either . Might as well enjoy the moment then & not think about it

Posted on Wednesday, 23 November

This week has become another awakening, yet approving week. So I’ll allow Villalobos take it from here. His minimalist essence fit correctly in this dimmed light, work oriented setting. Next to a bottle of rum & enough smokes for the night, everything will happen.

Posted on Wednesday, 21 September

"I’m the honey between 2 banging knees. I solve paradoxes & maintain sweat free." -  CS’12

Posted on Saturday, 10 September

Scorsese on Antonioni.
"In fact it felt less like a story, more like a poem."